Behind the Wire

Roisin Dubh: behind the wire

Released in 1994, this album was recorded in Portland, Oregon from 1989 - 1992. The album featured guest musicians such as Aidan Brennan and Robbie Laws, as well as the different line ups of Falls Road members.  This was the band's only CD release before Shandeen decided to disband and focus on solo material. 


1. Our Day Will Come (Tioc Faid Ar La)

2. Love Without Pride

3. See Me

4. Highland Love

5. Tir Na N'og

6. Midnight

7. Slipstreamin'

8. Takin' A Step

9. All I Have Is Time

10. Tailor Of Humanity

11. Siochan

Rosin Dubh -- behind the wire: Sean Kinjo (guitar), Brian Hoyle (bass), Will Barnes (bass), Barry Derlago (drums/vocals), Robbie Laws (Guitar), Brendan Fitzgerald (fiddle), Tim Brown (drums), Shandeen (Lead vocals)  

Album cover by Qahira

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Old School Portland Music Scene Review

Two Louies Magazine GBU – 1993 – 10

Falls Road were called Roisin Dubh, but changed their name because nobody could pronounce it right. They’re still the same band, steeped in Irish traditional music, jigging away like crazy leprechauns high on mushrooms.Comparisons to Jethro Tull, Horslips or Steeleye Span — while appropriate, still miss the mark. Vocalist/keyboardist Shandeen has the perfect big, bawling voice for the job; having honed her chops singing in local bands that go back to Alf Rider’s Da Da. Here she wails a clarion call. “Sioban” showcases Shandeen’s powerful, evocative voice, while featuring two of the band’s other many strengths: guitarist Sean Kinjo and fiddler Brendan Fitzgerald. The two duet as if dueling with amplified swords.“Love Without Pride” materializes slowly, building on a soft acoustic intro before mounting into a cut that sounds like Pat Benetar fronting Big Country (I know, they’re Scottish, but it’s the same jiggy sound). Kinjo cuts loose with a fine Neil Geraldo flavored solo in the middle.“Our Day Will Come” builds slowly before launching into a strident march with falgs waving and muskets firing into the sky. Shandeen effortlessly soars above it all like gunsmoke. Kinjo again launches a high-charged volley that would make Tull’s Martin Barré proud.“Highland Love” is another fiesty fling, stampeding like a herd of wild horses. The hard, staccato  accents underscore the Tull feel. Bassist Will Barnes and drummer Tim Brown capture neatly the loping quality of the rhythm, driving it incessantly. And the ballad “See Me” features pretty vocals, and a nice fiddle solo by Fitzgerald. “Tailor of Humanity” is a traditional ballad that would do Maddy Prior proud.Falls Road are doing something entirely anachronistic here. I can’t think of another band anywhere who is so successfully demonstrating the antique exhilaration of Irish music fused with the energy and impact of rock. Jethro Tull have been considered dinosaurs for a long time But with Behind the Wire, Falls Road serves notice that it just might be time to re-investigate a very exciting form of music. This is a most enjoyable recording.

B Sides (Unreleased)

The unreleased b-sides from Shandeen Featuring 2 songs and vocals by Barry Derlago

   1. Burned (Shandeen) 2. Far Side of Destiny (Shandeen/J. Fleming) 3. Commander Airborne (Shandeen) 4. Like Hope Inside (Derlago) -- featuring Barry Derlago 5. Bullets and Ballots (Shandeen/Hoyle) 6. Number Man (Shandeen) 7. Babes of War (Derlago) -- featuring Barry Derlago   

album cover art: Michael O'Manion  

Falls Road had the good fortune to have an amazing drummer with an even more amazing voice during the 1989-1992 period. Barry Derlago sang lead on four songs, with intricate harmony back ups on the other Falls Road songs. Barry Derlago wrote two songs that stood out as record-worthy: Babes of War, and the incredible song, LIKE HOPE INSIDE.


Burned is part of the unreleased Falls Road tracks from the album b-sides 1989-1992  This Falls Road lineup included Shandeen (lead vocals/keyboards), Barry Derlago (backup vocals/drums), Tom Anderson (guitar/back up vocals), and Brian Hoyle (Backup vocals/bass).   ©1990 -- Shandeen Ascap

Babes of War

Babes of War Recorded 1989 -- written by and featuring Barry Derlago.

Like Hope Inside

Like Hope Inside Recorded 1989 -- written by Barry Derlago and featuring co-lead vocals by Barry Derlago and Shandeen.   Falls Road band lineup: Shandeen (lead vocals/keyboards), Barry Derlago (drums/vocals), Brendan Fitzgerald (fiddle),  Sean Kinjo (guitar), Brian Hoyle (bass)   Brendan Fitzgerald lent his outrageous talent to the recording with one of the coolest running fiddle "solos" through the entire piece.   © 1989 Barry Derlago

Bullets and Ballots

Brian Hoyle (bass), brought in an idea he was working on to band practice back in 1990 - ish. He had the opening guitar melody, part of the chorus, and the awesome phrase, "Bullets and Ballots." Shandeen then added the chorus/bridge melody and wrote the lyrics based around "Bullets and Ballots".  The song is apropos today.  Band lineup: Shandeen (keyboards, lead vocals), Barry Derlago (drums), Tom Anderson (guitar), Brian Hoyle (bass).   ©1991 Hoyle/Shandeen Falls Road ASCAP