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I live a wonderful life in the Pacific Northwest with a fabulous husband, two Norse Gods disguised as my amazing daughters, and a number of second-hand animals: four cats, a goofy family of squirrels, wild rabbits, jays, owls, hawks, and a thundering clan of crows that keep me company outside.

I was raised in both Ireland and the United States by a bohemian, cytogeneticist, artist mother and a Norwegian, Lakota-adopted, mathematician, artist father.
Life was never dull during my childhood.

I'm a writer, an independent artist, a musician -- fun fact: I am Queen Selenay on the Mercedes Lackey tie-in album Lover, Lore, and Loss for her Valdemar series. I wrote the music and performed on Cost of the Crown, Battle dawn, and Trio. I've been a member of ASCAP since I was eleven, so music is in my blood as much as magic!

All of the women on my mother's side (going back tens of generations) were raised in the old faith -- Pagan to the core. Sure, we were all dipped (Roman Catholic per our Irish sensibilities), but we practiced our craft as well, gathering knowledge and power from the earth and the other elements.

I was raised with an abiding respect for all faiths, and endeavor to walk the light path on my life's journey through this world. I'm just a good old fashioned witch. 

Originally (way back in 2001) I had a website for my shop -- Six Nations Witchery -- at the advent of e-commerce. I was still getting used to the concept of corporate witches! haha. I had a wonderful time, but life moved forward and I had children. It was time to let my business take a wee rest.

I still crafted personal items and did custom orders, but it was very local or through referrals. In 2012, a friend who had a shop on Etsy, suggested I put some of my products together and open a store front.

So I did! I joined Etsy.


I decided to name my shop Morrigan's Mantel, as an homage to my gal and go-to-Goddess, with my other company, Six Nations Witchery, still featured on labels and cards alongside the new name. 

My focus is to create usable art and practical products for every pagan, or for anyone with an open and inquisitive mind.  

I draw on my Celtic roots, but also embrace the  Viking blood that courses through me, and honor the Lakota teachings from the elders, when I craft my products for Morrigan's Mantel/Six Nations Witchery.  

I began making runes twenty-nine years ago. I spend a lot of time searching for the perfect stones to compliment a set and let the stone guide me as to which symbol should be carved upon its surface. 

I have been making drinking horns for over twenty years. I have honed my craft and take pride in the quality of my work. 

Each brush stroke on a drinking horn or altar cloth is a joy; the pleasure of creating usable yet beautiful art. I make everything that I sell in my shop here at my home (except for obvious things like the glass for the bottles or feathers or things like that! haha).  


Some of my items are for pure whimsy, but I wanted to make a shop where practicing pagans could find hand crafted items for their own rituals, or for anyone with a sense of wonder to be able to find something they would treasure.

Handmade crafts

Found object, hand carved Stone Futhark Runes

Hand carved from found object stones with, in my pagan opinion, a powerful connection to the energy of the earth, these traditional Viking divination stones were used by Viking and Celtic seers for over a thousand years to view the pathways of their life journeys. 

Each set is hand carved per your order.
Your runes are unique but similar in size and color to photograph. Stones are between 1"- 2" in diameter.
There are two styles available : round, or elongated.
The elongated I like to call DRAGON'S TEETH.
The stones are HAND carved and inlaid with gold foil. Hand sealed with a varnish coating to protect the symbols. Traditional Futhark set of 24. Optional modern blank ODEN'S rune included.

Comes with a detailed instruction and interpretation parchment in a cloth bag.

I ritually cleanse the runes after they have been carved and sealed, rub them with a blessing oil, and then send them on their way to be "tuned" by the new owner. 

Hand carved Glass Runes

1/2" diameter glass runes that I hand carved.
Based on traditional divination stones used by Viking and Celtic Seers for over a thousand years to view the pathways of their life journeys.
The Elder Futhark symbols are hand carved into each indicidual glass bead, gold foil is applied to the carving and the runes are hand sealed with a clear coat varnish to protect the symbols.

I take great delight in handcrafting everything for Morrigan's Mantel. 

I have buckets and pots and pans filled with stones I've collected on walks, trips, and cool rock shops. I'm very careful and very choosy as to which stones I gather for my handcarved runes. I never remove a stone from a prohibited area, nor do I over pick from an area. But my pockets and jackets are always loaded with left over bits of sand and dirt from my expeditions!
I have sorting days where I go through my haul and match stones for rune sets.
I especially love found objects! And I get a kick out of repurposing/up-cycling common items into something unique and special!
I truly enjoy the artistic aspect of my craft. 

Runes, Wands, Scepters, Grimoires, and more.

Hand carved glass runes

Greenman Grimoire

Ritual Bath Salts and Soaks

Ulfnir Grimoire