ROISIN DUBH 1987 - 1990

Roisin Dubh was started by Shandeen in 1987, after she left DaDa. Shandeen wanted to do something musically unique while still embracing her Irish roots.  Roisin Dubh, which means Black Rose in Irish (Gaelic), seemed the ideal name for her project.  Thin Lizzy was an influence and also the politics behind the Gaelic name seemed perfect.

Her original partner and guitar player, John Fleming, left the band in 1988, but Shandeen had written twenty songs for the band and wanted to bring that

 Irish Rock sound to life.  

Tom Anderson joined the band on lead guitar and his talent was able to shine in his soaring solos.  

Barry Derlago -- drums and back up vocals -- was a great writing partner, and his harmonies gave Roisin Dubh a truly beautiful blend of voices. 

Brian Hoyle brought his experimental style and love of Jaco Pastorius to the Roisin Dubh rhythm section on bass. 

Tom left the band to pursue a heavier metal sound and Rob Laws was able to temporarily step in to the lead guitar role for a few months while Shandeen looked for a permanent member.

Sean Kinjo was perfect for the job. 

Sean on lead guitar, and Brendan Fitzgerald on fiddle made the perfect duo of soaring melodies and intertwining harmonies in the songs. 


FALLS ROAD 1990 -1995

In 1990, Shandeen decided to change the name of the band to Falls Road. While the Irish Roisin Dubh was intriguing, it was kind of a nightmare. haha. No one could pronounce it and it seemed rather indulgent to force the name on everyone. 

The band was also going through growing pains. There was label interest from Atlantic Records, NEM, Mercury, and band dynamics were starting to fray from wear and tear.  The music was evolving.

Barry Derlago left the band to pursue another project. 

Tim Brown brought his years of drum god status in the local metal scene to Falls Road and rounded out the new, heavier sound.

Will Barnes also joined the band on bass.

One constant from 1989 - 1992 was studio time.  Hours and hours of tracks were laid down in studios all over Portland. 

The two albums featured the following members --   B Sides (unreleased cuts between 1989 and 1992) : Tom Anderson (guitar), Sean Kinjo (guitar) Barry Derlago (drums/back up vocals), Brian Hoyle (Bass) and Shandeen (Lead Vocals).   Rosin Dubh -- behind the wire: Sean Kinjo (guitar), Brian Hoyle (bass), Will Barnes (bass), Barry Derlago (drums/vocals), Robbie Laws (Guitar), Brendan Fitzgerald (fiddle), Tim Brown (drums), Shandeen (Lead vocals)   

Peruse the tattered collection of old band photos -- beer stained, wrinkled, and faded! ha!