Lief Sorbye / Across the Borders

Lief Sorbye: Across the Borders

*Shandeen contributed back up vocals and piano to this album. 

1. Montara Bay (*Piano and vocals)

 2. Maybe Someday

 3. The Nexus

 4. Busker's Lament  (*Vocals)

 5. Pass The Hat

 6. Underhill

 7. I Won't Drift Away  (*Vocals)

 8. Ya Amar-You Moon

 9. Fatima's Garden  (*Vocals)

 10. Krivo Sadovsko Horo (Trad)  

 11. For Three Of Us

 12. Montara Bay Reprise  (*Piano)

Artist: Lief Sorbye with Mike Zee, Shandeen, Kevin Burke, Phil Baker, Brian Willis, Tarik Banzi, and Rob Barrick.Album produced by Lief Sorbye and Mike Demmers. Executive Producer Teri Lee. Recorded at Desitrek Studios, Portland, OR. Engineered by Mike Demmers. Mastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley,CA

The Clumsy Lovers

The Clumsy Lovers Live -- Recorded in Portland, Oregon

Shandeen appeared on Track 3 -- London Bridge/Stir It Up  -- Recorded live at the Tabor Theater in Portland, Oregon.

From 1999, this album features 12 songs running 66 minutes recorded in Seattle at The Tractor Tavern and the next night in Portland at The Mt. Tabor Theatre.


released January 1, 1999

Bluegrass, Folk, Americana roots rock, Celtic rock, Pop

Girls Say Yes To Boys Who Say No

Girls Say Yes -- Jim Huie

Shandeen Appears on tracks noted with *


1. Another Life

2. Don't Call Me

3. She Married A Loser *

4. Monkey In The Middle *

5. Prelude

6. Beckon * (Lead Vocal)

7. Burning Inside Out *

8. You & The Devil

9. Love Is Not Linear

10. Wonder Guy

11. Sylvia *

12. You're Coming Down

13. All I Want To Do Is Sleep *

14. How To Do Everything Right *

Released in 2001 on Paisley Pop  Here is a blurb from the label: The release that launched the Paisley Pop label. GIRLS SAY YES features Portland songwriter (and Paisley Pop owner) Jim Huie (the 'original sensitive' guy writing all these blurbs) and a cast of 20 including help from Bobby Sutliff, Steve Almaas, Russ Tolman, Richard McGrath (True West), Mitch Easter, Adam Marsland (ex-Cockeyed Ghost), and Jeff Hatcher (The Blue Shadows). 

Recorded by Mike Demmers (Robert Cray, Quarterflash) and mostly mixed by Tom Mallon (American Music Club). Musically & lyrically an album similar to The Who's Sell Out (a strange mix of humorous and poignant songs). In retrospect, perhaps a bit too much novelty brought into arrangements and probably should've been 15 minutes longer, but as the completely biased artist, I think you'll find some songs that are well worth the price of admission (the ones I can still live with are "All I Want To Do Is Sleep", "Beckon", "You're Comin Down", "Don't Call Me" and "How To Do Everything Right"). And the harmony vocals added by Shandeen and Wendy Bird throughout are pretty powerful. In the end, the album got some surprisingly great reviews from some people, and was slaughtered by a few critics who didn't get the whole jangle-pop elements in the first place. An overly ambitious project that is nearly out of print. If you like this album, then you are a rarified and discriminating music fan indeed.  


Shandeen on lead Vocal

Burning Inside Out

Shandeen did an amazing job with the layered background vocals in this song. 

Russ Tolman

City Lights

Release Date: August 15, 1998

Label: Innerstate Records

Funk Shui

Funk Shui

Funk Shui is a seven piece funk and rock n’ roll band from Portland, Oregon.  They formed in 1999 when members of the Treefrogs infiltrated and dominated an open funk jam at Biddy McGraw’s and the owner of the bar told them “I don’t know where you came from, but you can never leave.”  Funk Shui offers a trio of distinct songwriters, John Henry Bourke (rhythm guitar), Sean “The Shag” Nowland (bass) and Fred Stevenson (lead guitar), along with slick horns provided by John Morrow and Gavi Detarr and solid rhythms from Jeff Duffy and Adam Weiner.

Shandeen used to sit in on this song, Duffy Crusher, at live performances. She was honored to be asked into the studio to record the track for Funk Shui! 

Duffy Crusher (Funk Shui)

The one, the only DUFFY CRUSHER, featuring Shandeen on backing vocals.