Shandeen always loved to perform and started writing her own music when she was eight years old. In 1979 she was a featured performer at the Salt lake City International Year of the Child festival sponsored by UNESCO. Her song "Come Walk With Me" was chosen as the city's festival theme song.   In 1982 Shandeen became a member of the American Society for Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) after the release of her album CHILD OF ERIN.   She opened for Grace Slick, Tex Williams Jr., and performed at festivals.  Reviewers were always stunned by the large voice from such a tiny person, and her ability to harmonize.  

In 1984 her family made the move to Portland, Oregon so that Shandeen could focus on school and prepare for college. A masters/phd in astrophysics or marine biology was the goal. However, the opportunity for music was just too much of a pull and Shandeen, at age 16,  joined the Portland art/alternative band DADA.   

Roisin Dubh to Falls Road

At 18, she formed her own band Roisin Dubh which later became Falls Road.   During this time she did pursue degrees in physics while actively working in music.   

Studio Work

Shandeen is an accomplished studio musician.   In the early 1990's Shandeen was contracted to write the music and adapt Mercedes Lackey's lyrics for the Firebird Arts album Lovers, Lore, and Loss.  Shandeen appeared on three albums for Firebird arts.  

Shandeen also appeared on various projects for Russ Tolman, Jim Huie, Leif Sorbye, The Clumsy Lovers, and Funk Shui to name a few.

Biddy McGraw's

Life as a Publican

 In 1995 Shandeen and her mother went in to business together and opened the famous Portland icon Biddy McGraw's Irish Pub. Musicians from all over the United States and Ireland played on their stage. Shandeen sat in with a number of the bands who stopped in to say hello and play a few tunes! Sean Keane, The Chieftans, Johnny Cunningham, Dougie MacLean, and many others.  In 1996 Shandeen dissolved the band Falls Road and focused on writing music, studio work, and being a pub owner! Shandeen still sits in with bands and does studio work, but also is an accomplished artist and writer.